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#380: The Windbreakers

July 20, 2016


Adam is once again joined by Dave Dameshek for todays episode as Drew wraps up his time abroad. They open the show going to the phones where a caller has a variation on Adam’s famous windbreaker plan originally conceived on this show. They then speak to a caller who considers himself a jack of all trades but he doesn’t enjoy the moniker of ‘Handyman’. Then they speak to a caller who wants Adam’s thoughts on how he turned out so well given his family environment. Superfan Sidebar >>

NFL Cacti

#379: Gurley Commercial

July 19, 2016


Adam is joined by Dave Dameshek filling in for Dr. Drew who is still out of the country but will return soon. The show opens up with Adam and Dave speaking about the return of The Rams to the Los Angeles area. After Adam explains to Dave why he absolutely loves to visit the NFL Network campus they turn to the phones and answer some listener questions including telling the story of how Dave and Adam came to meet. Superfan Sidebar >>


#378: Please Guard That Slider

July 18, 2016


Ace & Bruce open the show by heading straight to the phones and addressing a caller with a question about the difference between Dr. Drew and Mark Geragos. Adam then plays Bruce a clip of a recent episode of The Adam Carolla Show to highlight how sometimes when he is on a roll people can happen to get in the way of the point he’s trying to make. They proceed to take a few more calls including a gentlemen who has been courting a co-worker for an extended period of time and just learned she has recently started dating someone else. Superfan Sidebar >>


#377: The Overweight Toddler

July 17, 2016


Adam opens the show solo as Bruce is stuck in a bit of Los Angeles traffic. Adam takes the time solo to recount an uncomfortable situation he got into at a local sushi spot near the studio. He also allows Dawson to play a clip of the new audio book he produced ‘Left of Boom’. As Bruce joins, the conversation turns to the recent phenomenon of Pokemon Go as well as a startlingly overweight toddler Bruce recently saw in the ER. They also talk to a few callers looking for advice. Superfan Sidebar >>