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#518: It’s Un-Innovative

February 15, 2017


Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the Oscar darling ‘La La Land’ that is up for numerous awards this year. They also discuss ‘Hell or High Water’ and some of the other films up for awards before they turn to the phones and speak to a variety of callers. Before starting off with a caller who is worried about his obese mother in law they move on to another caller who has adopted several disabled children looking for help on how to have a normal marriage.

#517: Carolla-ectomy

February 14, 2017


Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the recent women’s march and the now planned ‘women’s strike’ wherein every woman in the country is going to call in sick from work to send a message. This leads into an overall conversation about narcissism and how although when negativity is brought into things people don’t realize how narcissistic they are being. They then turn to the phones are speak to a caller who is currently driving a truck but considering a career change.

#516: Valley Forge

February 14, 2017


Adam and Drew open the show discussing Adam’s kids recent school trip to Valley Forge and how it led to the discovery that kids simply will not respond if you try to interrupt their sleep in the middle of the night. They then turn to the phones and speak to a caller with a suggestion for Adam to end an annoying automotive phenomenon and another who is wondering how to help out a friend whose life is seemingly falling apart. As the show winds down the guys take a very serious call from a former child abuse survivor who is looking to keep his abuser in jail for his full sentence and have his parole denied.

#515: No Lube, He Says

February 13, 2017


Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the Super Bowl as well as the insane drive that lives inside champions like Tom Brady and how that relates into other areas besides sports. This leads into a larger conversation about how although people with that drive can likely see it in one another, often outsiders may not be able to see such drive and realize what they have in front of them. As the show wraps up the guys go to the phones and Adam tells Drew about a recent story he was told by Mike August regarding an upcoming medical procedure.