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#440: The Great Dr. Drew and Mister Adam

October 20, 2016


Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing some of the recent Trump controversy and the fallout that it has had for both him and Billy Bush. They then turn to the phones and speak to a variety of callers including one who is interested in learning more about the pharmaceutical treatments of alcoholism. They also speak to a caller who is trying to figure out social anxiety.


#439: Keltie Knight

October 20, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show welcoming ‘The Lady Gang’ co-host Keltie Knight to The Adam and Dr. Drew Show before Keltie and Drew dive into a recent interaction that they had at a movie premiere. After discussing the merits of sports for kids and the guys on NFL teams who may not actually play in games Drew tells a story about The Insider and his interaction with Gary Coleman.


#438: International Aid Suggestion

October 18, 2016


Drew opens the show telling Adam that he may be joining Adam’s wife Lynette in the coming weeks at an event in New York City. After Adam correctly identifies that the trip must in some way involve Bruce Springsteen he tells Dr. Drew about the work commitments he has that will preclude him from joining them in New York the guys turn to the phones and speak to a father of two autistic boys looking for alternative forms of treatment beyond the mainstream. Adam then shares a song with Drew before they turn to another caller and discuss her trouble with the law and child services as a result of her drug addiction.


#437: I’m Goin’ To The Beach.

October 17, 2016


Adam opens the show telling Drew about some of the hijinks he and his friends used to get into while they were in high school while lamenting that many, if not all, of those will not be things his kids will ever experience. Adam also recalls some of the puzzling behavior exhibited by his peers and their parents and how it’s unfathomable for most of the people he knows today. The guys then turn to the phones and speak to a caller who has questions about how DMT use can impact the brain and another who is seven months pregnant and has just discovered her husband doesn’t believe in vaccinations.