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#260: Caulk

August 1, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show with a story of Adam’s recent frustration with one of his employees trying to locate some caulk. Drew then recalls last Sunday’s discussion with Ben Shapiro and explains his realization that the level of intensity is equal on both sides of the political divide. Later they turn to the phones and take listener calls on simple ways to improve your life, what constitutes sexual assault and managing PTSD.

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#259: The Syndrome

July 29, 2015


Adam tries a therapeutic exercise attempting to rid Dr. Drew of his bad habits. Then the guys talk to this week’s Lord of the Jungle about his unique purchase. Later they talk to a listener with some information for Adam on German beer, a man who just found out his wife has been sexting his friends, and a caller who suffers from situational panic attacks. Superfan Sidebar >>

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#258: Smartphones

July 25, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show talking about some of the strenuous restrictions that are coming about as a result of the changing marketplace spurred on by smartphone apps. Later they turn to the phones and talk to a caller whose psychotherapist is, in her opinion, too concerned with her relationship status as well as a listener who recently had a heart attack at a young age and has since been having panic attacks that he did not experience before. As the show wraps up, radio host Ben Shapiro calls in to talk about the recent controversy stirred up when he was on Drew’s HLN TV show. Superfan Sidebar >>

Producers: Chris Laxamana and Gary Smith


#257: Childhood

July 22, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show discussing how wildly different their childhoods are from that of their children specifically sighting a trip that Natalia and Olga recently took to visit a friend at their vacation home in Oregon. Drew then tells Adam about a recent controversy that came about after he had a transgender woman on his HLN TV show. As the show wraps up they take calls on kids watching substance abuse TV shows and how legal marijuana has been a beneficial alternative to alcohol abuse. Superfan Sidebar >>

Producers: Chris Laxamana and Gary Smith