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#177: Guest Host – Orlando Jones

September 20, 2014


Orlando Jones is back this week sitting in with Dr. Drew and as the show opens, Drew asks Orlando about his documentary ‘The Five Powers‘. Drew also discovers, much to his surprise, that Orlando is no longer living in Los Angeles. They also take some listener phone calls on a variety of topics including marijuana use, long distance relationships and how to get a girl’s phone number. Superfan Sidebar >>

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#176: Guest Host – Orlando Jones

September 17, 2014

Actor Orlando Jones joins Dr. Drew this week to fill in for Adam. They open the show diving headlong into a discussion about race, specifically citing racial incidents like Ferguson, Missouri and the Rodney King beatings. Drew also asks Orlando about his unusual version of the Ice Bucket Challenge and how he was inspired to modify it for a different cause. AdamAndDrDrewShow.com Superfan Sidebar >>

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