#377: The Overweight Toddler

July 17, 2016


Adam opens the show solo as Bruce is stuck in a bit of Los Angeles traffic. Adam takes the time solo to recount an uncomfortable situation he got into at a local sushi spot near the studio. He also allows Dawson to play a clip of the new audio book he produced ‘Left of Boom’. As Bruce joins, the conversation turns to the recent phenomenon of Pokemon Go as well as a startlingly overweight toddler Bruce recently saw in the ER. They also talk to a few callers looking for advice. Superfan Sidebar >>

Adam Ray Adam Drew

#376: Work Your Way Down To The Bagel

July 14, 2016


Adam and Adam Ray open the show talking about sketch comedy and how great professionals are able to make an incredibly difficult endeavor look pretty easy. This dovetails nicely into a conversation about the upcoming reboot of MadTV that Adam Ray is a cast member on. They then turn to the phones and talk to listeners including one who recently lost a dramatic amount of weight and another who is trying to figure out how to handle his son doing something unethical and technically illegal. Superfan Sidebar >>

ads375 Bike

#375: DUDE, Maintain!

July 13, 2016


Adam is joined by comedian and friend of the show Adam Ray for today’s episode and they open the show talking about the differences and similarities between their fathers during their respective upbringings. The guys also discover that they would be two of the worst drug and alcohol councilors ever before turning to the phones and talking to a caller who has an idea for creating a PSA that may be useful in today’s political climate. Superfan Sidebar >>


#374: Like Inviting a Homeless Guy In To Sleep On Your Couch

July 12, 2016


Adam and Bruce open the show discussing some of the traffic phenomenons that they have experienced in their time living in the Los Angeles area. They also discuss parking meters and how they’ve been able to come up with a ‘smart’ solution for meters that make money, but no ‘smart’ stoplights because it doesn’t generate income for the city. Superfan Sidebar >>