#492: Dr. Cate Shanahan

January 10, 2017


Adam & Drew open the show welcoming author and board certified physician Dr. Cate Shanahan. The conversation starts almost immediately with a discussion of how different trends over the years have impacted how the general public is largely misinformed about what nutritional values to follow. This leads into a very interesting conversation on what Dr. Cate thinks a perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner looks like. Superfan Sidebar >>

#491: New Drug

January 9, 2017


Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the recent disturbing video featuring four young black people kidnapping and ‘torturing’ a mentally deficient white man in Chicago. Aside from talking about how people who engage in these acts should be dealt with, they also examine how the media coverage of this incident is different from some of the similarly viral videos from the past two years. They also turn to the phones and speak to callers including one with questions about his painkillers keeping him awake at night and another who has found a drug she was amazed no one had brought to her attention before. Superfan Sidebar >>

#490: Land of the Redundant

January 9, 2017


Adam opens the show discussing with Drew how although there is flu going around Los Angeles, especially within the schools, and how it lead him to realize that he has possibly never been sick since his kids have been alive. They then discuss some of the frustrations Adam has been having interacting with people producing his new television show before going to the phones and speaking to a variety of callers. Superfan Sidebar >>