#346: Who’s Gonna Put That In My Mouth?

May 22, 2016


Ace and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the fact that both Drew and Chris Laxamana got into car accidents in the last two days and the broader issue of the hit and run epidemic in Los Angeles. They then turn to the phones and take some listener phone calls including a caller considering an early age vasectomy, another who is having trouble with the IRS and one who is suffering from a medical condition that results in excessive sweating. Superfan Sidebar >>

ads theo

#345: Theo Von

May 19, 2016


Adam and Dr. Drew welcome back Theo Von to the show today and they open up talking about Theo’s unusual upbringing in Louisiana and how having a parent of advanced age lead to some unusual pranks being played on Theo. They also take some listener phone calls including someone who’s mother has been using methamphetamine for a prolonged length of time and another caller who is struggling with his place within the religion that he was raised with. Superfan Sidebar >>


#344: Fiery Plane Crash

May 18, 2016


Adam opens the show discussing the strange phenomenon of running into Drew in three different places in the course of 18 or 19 hours. The also discuss Drew’s experience singing the national anthem at the LA Dodgers game and celebrating with Mark Geragos before turning to the phones and helping callers with problems ranging from apathetic interns, a spouse being resistant to trying new things and more. Superfan Sidebar >>

Carolla luck

#343: The Pageboy

May 17, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show discussing Adam’s course of reaction when dealing with an impending decision vs one that has already been made. The guys then turn to the phones and help callers with a variety of issues including an overbearing and mean mother, a gentlemen with a severe and very long term addiction to nail biting and a caller concerned with his family’s long history of prostate cancer and what it may mean for him down the road. Superfan Sidebar >>

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