#275: Terrible Threes

September 24, 2015


Adam opens the show telling Drew about his experience the night before going to see Foo Fighters at The Forum. Drew then gets into the uncomfortable topic of Adam’s recent mood and why it may be changing. The guys then turn to the phones and talk to a caller whose new relationship fizzled after three dates and another who is dealing with an unruly three year old who is trying to establish his ‘dad voice’. As the show wraps up Adam recounts some of his experiences on vacation with his kids. Superfan Sidebar >>

Adams outfit

#274: Autobahn

September 19, 2015


Adam and Drew jump straight to the phones this week and talk to a former caller who has an update on his status and needs some more advice. Adam also talks with Drew about their time on the road during the Loveline days which leads Adam to explain how his wiring has him conditioned to live a reward based life. As the show wraps up Ace & Drew take more listener phone calls on topics including mental health and the German Autobahn. Superfan Sidebar >>

London Pub

#273: Pint in a Glass

September 17, 2015


Adam and Drew are reunited today and open the show talking about Adam’s recent trip to London and his realization that England allows adults to be adults far more than America does these days. Adam then tells Drew about a CHP officer whom he has noticed sitting on the off ramp near his house and the safety hazard he is causing. As the show winds down Adam and Drew take listener phone calls on a variety of topics including last night’s GOP debate. Superfan Sidebar >>

jim drew

#272: Beta Died A Horrible Death

September 12, 2015


Jim Jefferies is back joining Dr. Drew this week while Adam is away in England. They open the show discussing the realities of life on the road as a standup comic and how that lifestyle can be closely associated with alcohol consumption. The conversation then turns to Adam’s London trip with Jim giving some tips as to places Adam should go explore after he’s done with his show. After taking phone calls they discuss the recent Bill Cosby controversy. Superfan Sidebar >>