#229: All You Need to Know About Life

April 12, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show discussing the upcoming Mangria Bar Crawl and how involved Lynette has been in organizing and preparing for the event. They discuss the sense of accomplishment that comes with working, especially for a business which you own yourself. Adam then tells Drew about a recent email exchange he had with his friend Nick Santora and how it inspired him to teach his kinds something about internalization. As the show wraps up they turn to the phones and listener questions. Superfan Sidebar >>


#228: Car Rims

April 8, 2015


Drew opens the show solo discussing the recent medical issue he’s been fighting off before asking Chris Laxamana about his new and popular podcast ‘Resume‘.  As Adam joins Drew the conversation turns to time management and Adam’s obsession with car rims and how much of his free time is occupied thinking about them.  Adam also talks about his desire to display his cars at the upcoming Newman Documentary premiere with period correct rims and tires.  They also take calls on PTSD, marijuana addiction and binge eating. Superfan Sidebar >>

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#227: Is That a Duster?

April 4, 2015

Adam opens the show talking to Drew about their respective plans for today’s Easter holiday with their families before the two turn to the phones. They then take calls from a caller who hasn’t been able to climax in years and a young man whose father was arrested for sexually assaulting his sister and is trying to figure out what kind of a relationship with him is appropriate. Superfan Sidebar >>

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#226: The Towering Inferno

April 1, 2015


Adam opens the show telling Dr. Drew about the new car that his wife Lynette just got and how he recently noticed that it was sitting unlocked in the driveway of their house. They also talk about the idea of hard work contributing to the greater good in the form of taxes and take listener phone calls. Superfan Sidebar >>

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