#470: Kanye

December 1, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show talking about Kanye West’s psychiatric meltdown that occurred early last week. Then the guys take a call from a guy concerned about his lungs after smoking weed consistently for 30 years. After that Adam and Drew take some calls on: Dating again after sexual abuse, uncontrollable people coming over for the holidays, a brother wanting to tackle his little sister’s drinking problem, and another caller’s sister who just got out of rehab.

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#469: Getting Off Xanax

November 30, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show praising yesterdays guest, John C. McGinley. Then the guys take a few calls about: drug addiction, allergies, sex addiction, and getting off of Xanax.


#468: John C. McGinley and Alec Baldwin

November 29, 2016


Actor John C McGinley joins Adam and Drew for todays episode of The Adam and Drew Show to talk about acting and his new IFC show Stan Against Evil. They are then greeted by a surprise call from Alec Baldwin. Afterwards, John shares some stories about Paul Newman and gives a little more insight on his history in acting.


#467: Oh, Well That Sounds Reasonable

November 28, 2016


Adam opens the show discussing Susan Pinsky’s recent wining of a convertible BMW and Drew & Adam’s thoughts on convertibles in general. Adam then goes into telling Drew about the recent medical issues that his dog Phil E. Cheesesteak has been having as a result of eating some foreign objects that he shouldn’t have. The guys then turn to the phones and speak to a caller who has been diagnosed with hashimoto’s disease and another who feels that his medication is making him numb to his emotions.