#180: Show Me The Bodies

October 1, 2014


Adam and Dr. Drew are back together at last! The show opens up with Adam telling Drew about the process of finishing up his movie Road Hard and some of the troubles he is having with the Hollywood unions and their rules. The conversation then turns to a recent news story about a man kicking a cat and Adam and Drew discuss the outrage surrounding the incident. As the show wraps up they take some calls and discuss the recent Bill Simmons controversy. Superfan Sidebar >>

177 Orlando

#177: Guest Host – Orlando Jones

September 20, 2014


Orlando Jones is back this week sitting in with Dr. Drew and as the show opens, Drew asks Orlando about his documentary ‘The Five Powers‘. Drew also discovers, much to his surprise, that Orlando is no longer living in Los Angeles. They also take some listener phone calls on a variety of topics including marijuana use, long distance relationships and how to get a girl’s phone number. Superfan Sidebar >>

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