#416: What’s That Hat?

September 19, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show discussing why Drew is such a bad broadcaster before it is revealed to be a symptom of sleep derivation derived from having to get up in the middle of the night to be on CNN at 7:30am eastern time. The conversation then turns to crime reporters and how some are driven there by circumstances while others are seeking fame. They then turn to the phones and speak to listeners with questions including how to start a relationship.


#415: Like a Teenage Girl in a Gang Bang

September 15, 2016


Adam opens the show ranting about fake melted cheese, and how it is for retarded people. They take a call from a woman who has a brother going through rehab, and a man who is experiencing some depression and doesn’t know what is causing it. They close the show talking to a man who is in recovery but is struggling to find a sponsor.


#414: Speak Out, Oh Toothless One

September 14, 2016


Adam opens the show talking about guys who he knows he wouldn’t enjoy hanging out with, just by seeing their vanity license plate. This leads Matt Fondiler to come in and defend his parents and their vanity plates. Next Adam draws a comparison between his father and Angel from the Rockford Files. Then they talk to a caller who is debating adding on to his house or selling it, and Adam quizzes him on his carpentry knowledge. After the Break, they talk to a caller who is questioning therapists’ motives.

Adams outfit

#413: Sugar-Free

September 13, 2016


Adam opens the show asking Drew if Drew cares if Adam presents Drew with an award he’s receiving. This leads them to start wondering why their names haven’t brought up for the Radio Hall of Fame. They then take a call from someone who heard eliminating sugar from your diet can kill cancer, and someone else who is uncomfortable with his girlfriend’s ladies night out. Drew then gives advice to a guy who is trying to get off of suboxone, and they close the show helping out a guy who is wondering how to discipline his children.