#020: Is Adam an Alcoholic?

February 23, 2013


Adam and Drew examine the abysmal traffic in Los Angeles and discuss common sense solutions that can be achieved without further expenditures. Then they take listener calls on Viagra, brain surgery and Adam’s alcohol consumption.

One thought on “#020: Is Adam an Alcoholic?

  1. Christian Rhodes

    Aaaaadaaaam you will change the world if you keep it up. At least here in psycho town America. We are all insane. We ARE all sheep and by being little bitches we take heaps of shit we do not deserve. Did you hear about the muslim day parade? They were walking down the streets with fake guns in there hands, yelling at Americans and had a woman mannequin HANGING from a noose in the back of a truck.

    If I was there, I would start punching these fucking throwbacks right in there throats and started a brawl. Who the fuck do they think we are? This is America for christs sake and we are acting like Jews marching into the ovens saying “please don’t call me a racist!” Its so pathetic I have, not nearly, certainly lost all faith in humanity and especially the American public.

    I am on the same page as you Adam. Everything you say makes perfect sense. Quit being a bitch and man up and society will be much better off for it. We must bring back judging it is the only way.

    Please run for president.

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