#031: Gary Anthony Williams

April 3, 2013


Adam and Drew are joined by Gary Anthony Williams and examine the nuances of improv comedy and why Dr. Drew has never been able to grasp them after all these years. Later they examine the persistence of racism and the different ways in which it manifests itself in today’s society.

One thought on “#031: Gary Anthony Williams

  1. Christian Rhodes

    Facts are not racist. Sorry. Money is like microbes. They do not care about skin color they just want a host. Business men, sane business men, do not care about skin color they care only about performance and what makes them more money. Gary didn’t even want to go there to adress the real problem why, statistically, black men are heavily represented in prison, in violent crime, and arrests. Its not that cops are racist and they just like to execute black people in the street and arrest them just for fun. Its that they do not have dads in the house and if they do, the majority of them just make it worse. Statistically speaking. If 75 percent of crimes committed are committed by black people. Odds fucking are 3 out of 4 people you arrest will be black. Its just common sense people. It literally doesn’t get much simpler.

    Dr. Drew was right. Affirmative action does foster racism. It has created a fundamental problem that might not ever get fixed. There is something called association. When you work at a job that must hire x amount of black people, and those black people only got hired because they were black. Not because of skills or competence or anything of that nature, then people who are skilled in that profession associate unskilled labor or incompetence with black people in general. Because you forced them to work with incompetent people just to fill a quota. You didn’t look very far for the black guy, but you went through a rigorous application process for the white guy and the white guy knows it, and knows he is qualified. He’s sees the totally unskilled unqualified black guy who the white guy would assume went through the same application process as himself, but he can’t do his fucking job. Something doesn’t add up. So the brain has to make a decision to end this cognitive dissonance. Black people are generally unskilled and less qualified then white people. Which may or may not be true, but culturally and statistically it very much seems to be true. 70% of the time.

    Racism does indeed exist, but the worst of it Gary has to deal with is some lady commenting on his driving and relating him to some hood. It hasn’t stopped him from making his movies or whatever he does. He is a millionaire. We have a black man as president. The highest office. Obviously it hasn’t stopped him in any meaningful way. I would argue that it has helped him in life more than it has hurt him. Sure he might no have got that job in the southern most tip of Georgia, but come on, he is probably happy for it.

    Once again Adam is a genius and the world would be fixed if only everybody listened to his wisdom.

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