#044: The Entry Hall of Life

May 18, 2013

Adam and Drew open the show talking about how people get in their own way when trying to do something. Adam explains that the main hurdle that people allow to get in their way is themselves and a large part of anything is going ahead and doing it. Adam also explains some of what was normal when he was growing up and how that inspired him. They also take listener calls on metal illness, the difference between drug abuse and drug addiction and grand mal seizures.

One thought on “#044: The Entry Hall of Life

  1. Evan

    My parents say they want to get back together after 5 years of being divorced the reason they separated is that my dad hit my mom. when together they fight and are mean to, and pay less attention to me and my siblings . I don’t like them when they are together, how should I continue with my family. I’m 15 and in St. Louis

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