#138: Guest Host – Adam Ray

April 26, 2014

Adam Ray is back this week and he and Drew continue their discussion about Saturday Night Live. They also discuss Adam Ray’s recent movie role opposite Sandra Bullock and his time working as a Marvel character as Universal Studios Hollywood. They also answer some listener questions on borderline personality disorder, a girlfriend with severe trust issues, and Drew’s opinions on a specific drug.
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One thought on “#138: Guest Host – Adam Ray

  1. Margaret

    Hi Dr. Drew,
    Typically I find your comments to be the voice of reason on this show, but have been a bit disturbed lately about your remarks on how women blame others when they get fired from a job, and/or are very vindictive of each other. These are very sweeping negative generalizations about half of the earth’s population. Personally I have never witnessed a man or a woman think someone was out to ‘get them’ or their job when they got fired, but maybe it is because I don’t work with people in the media – who obviously are all very insecure and paranoid. Oh wait, did I just make a sweeping generalization?
    Still love the show – just wanted to speak up about these comments. Thanks.

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