#150: Bottle Stopper

June 8, 2014


Adam and Drew open the show discussing how Drew’s workload has changed over the past ten years and how they both have trouble imagining what they’ll be doing ten years from now. They also talk the recent controversy over the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap and how President Obama’s actions are being viewed by Americans. They wrap the show up taking listener phone calls.
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2 thoughts on “#150: Bottle Stopper

  1. Kevin Schooler

    I have been a fan of Adam and Drew since the 1990s, but this episode was exceptionally good. The guys touched on several interesting and important topics, with the typical humor and intelligence one has come to expect. I can’t quite articulate why, but for me, this episode was a bottom of the 9th Grand Slam.

  2. Dan

    Normally I agree with Adam and Drew politically but what exactly do they think Obama stands to gain by getting this soldier back? Even if he did desert, the whole idea of “leave no man behind” is just completely abandoned by you guys? You also talk all the time about mental health, doesn’t this sound a little like a mental health issue when he walks off into a war zone without any intention of fighting? What, you just want to leave him with the taliban? And also, there are thousands of terrorists all over the world trying to bring down the US so releasing 5 more back into the population probably isn’t going to cause the immediate downfall of the US. I like you guys though.

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