#153: Don’t Touch

June 19, 2014


Adam and Drew open the show going through some history of a gig that Adam missed in Portland. Adam then launches into an extended story about the people he pays to come into his home and screw up his life, specifically sighting an issue with his drinking cup that he keeps in his garage. They then discuss a recent settlement paid out by the Pasadena Police Department regarding a theft case from 2012.
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2 thoughts on “#153: Don’t Touch

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  2. Sean

    Boy I sure wish Adam gave the LAPD the benefit of the doubt HALF as much as his boyfriend, ALEC BALDWIN!

    Get it straight, while several officers mistakenly fire at two ladies delivering papers, IT WASN’T LAPD WHO SHOT THE SURFER!! It was a different department!

    Also, I like how you never once (nor did Dr. Drew, surprisingly) assign any blame to THE THIEF WHO STOLE THE BACKPACK, AND THEN DIDN’T SURRENDER WHEN ASKED TO BY THE POLICE! This all could have been avoided if he stopped & put his hands up when he was lawfully ordered to. Did either of you two brainiacs even MENTION that in passing though? No, it’s all the police’s fault.

    I feel bad that West Traffic Division didn’t investigate the DUI that plowed into your house a few years ago, I hate it when the relevant Traffic Division doesn’t show to MY calls too, but quit using every single news story about the police to bash us. Did some copper bully the crap out of you in high school? Steal your girlfriend or something?


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