#154: Most Improved

June 22, 2014


Adam and Drew open the show discussing trophies in kids sports and how they’ve changed over the years. As they continue to examine it they realize that the ‘Most Improved’ trophy that was so prominent when they were kids has all but disappeared. Later they take listener phone calls.
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5 thoughts on “#154: Most Improved

  1. Craig Cory

    I take exception to the comments on Obama playing golf equating to some indifference to the current situation here and abroad. I am an Obama supporter (obvious disclosure). This specious argument that Obama taking time to recreate equals a disconnect with his focus on current events is ridiculous. Obama has shown consistent attention, passion and focus to the needs of our country. He has battled with incalcitrant opponents to move any progressive actions forward. He is a clear improvement over our previous administration and deserving of our support as he strives to improve the lives of EVERYONE, not just a select group.

  2. jesus vasquez

    I love adam and continue to check into his podcast daily. I have been listening to him since mid 90s.
    But I just can’t take these right wing diatribes anymore. Now my listening habits as it pertains to
    Adam depend on who the guest is.

    1. Mike R

      Had you listened to the entire podcast, you would have realized it wasn’t a “right wing diatribe”. But that’s how liberals think. My way or no way. Brilliant. I hope you are not a registered voter. That’s why the country is so fucked up right now.


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