#159: Ultimately It’s About The Asswipes

July 10, 2014


Adam and Drew are back together today though Drew starts the show solo while Adam is stuck in traffic. Once Adam arrives they dive into a topic that has been vexing Adam and it evolves into a wider conversation about people’s predilections to not evolve and make their lives easier.
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11 thoughts on “#159: Ultimately It’s About The Asswipes

  1. A H

    Drew, stick to medicine. Internal combustion engines more efficient than electric motors? Please do some more research. I know what you’re TRYING to say, the total CO2 per mile including bulding the vehicle, generating the energy, getting the energy from where it is generated into the vehicle and finally moving the vehicle with that energy is not as black and white as internal combustion versus electric. But, your comment that solar panels cannot charge your car, they can only heat your house – that’s just plain wrong. I think you are intelligent enough to know these subtleties and just wanted to move on to another topic, but the problem is a lot of ‘tards might actually take your comments as fact.

    1. M Rhea

      Efficient? Maybe on a very hot California day. Solar panels and electric cars ain’t worth shit here in Ohio when it’s 20 below zero. 🙂


          1. Exotics

            Who’s talking about politics here? You just avoided responding to his factual claims and went off topic. You lost this discussion. Step your knowledge up you “republican” LOL

        1. M Rhea

          Thermodynamics? What part of 20 below zero don’t you understand? You’re one of those fuckers who always believes they’re correct.


          1. A H

            The part of 20 below zero where photovoltaic panels produce more power the colder it is. How cold do you think it is in earth orbit where virtually all satellites generate electricity via solar panels? There are issues with solar as you go away from the equator, but air temp isn’t one of them.

            Don’t assume that because someone looks at evidence objectively they also believe in a nanny state. I sure dont.

      1. Exotics

        The entire planet is solar powered pal. Your intelligence is showing and I suggest you stop talking and study up on solar if you want to continue to discuss it.

  2. Exotics

    Hey Dr. Drew, put your mouth around an exhaust pipe and keep it there for about 30 minutes (if you last that long).

    After that I’ll come visit you in the hospital and you can tell me all about how a tailpipe is efficient LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  3. Exotics

    Deleted my comments? That’s nice, deleting a non vulgar non offensive comment shows what kind of person you are. Not being able to handle factual statements and made up scenarios. You can say whatever kind of benighted things you want but if someone else speaks against what you said then its bad and not right. Well that makes no sense.

    So are you going to put your mouth around an “efficient” exhaust pipe? Please do and tell me how that goes, Doctor.

    Oh and you can delete this comment too since its probably offensive to you somehow.

    The truth hurts, just make sure in the future that you know what you are talking about before you start speaking, if you don’t, just dont talk at all.

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