4 thoughts on “#167: Brian Koppelman

  1. Irony_In_Action

    Worst. Episode. Ever.

    Talk about narcissism…who else but a narcissist would believe that the sound of them fighting is valuable or even interesting to other human beings?

  2. Joe

    I was thinking, “Shut the fuck up already with the pissing and moaning about how you feel about pointless bullshit!” for minutes hoping the crap that everyone was spewing stopped. I know it’s the show of Adam and Drew but this show was total shit. I listen to these shows to help me forget about the shitty atmosphere around me…this whiny shit doesn’t help, so thanks Drew and Adam for making me want to put a bullet in my head just a little more than I did before listening. Depressing as fuck.

  3. Sean

    Oh wow. PHENOMENAL observations by Brian about Dr Drew’s shitty HLN show. Every single thing he said was spot on.

    Dr Drew should be free to say he wants like Glenn Beck or Dr Phil. If he’s not careful, he’ll go the way of Dr Keith Ablow – someone with plenty to say, who didn’t say it when he had his own TV show.

  4. stevo

    I like both Adam and Dr. Drew, but I think Adam stills holds a grudge against Dr. Drew for not standing by him when they were negotiating their Loveline contract. With all the anger, I’m surprised they still do the show together.

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