One thought on “#168: Brian Koppelman Returns

  1. Seanny Rotten

    I want to be Producer for a Week. I’d do better than the hack you have producing you now. Also, you’d have better ratings. Currently HLN’s ratings are in freefall along with all other cable news with the exception of Fox News.

    1. No more yelling from Dr. Drew. Drew’s no yeller & sounds odd when he’s having to hype stuff.
    2. No more of this Brady Bunch style 7+ guests b.s.
    3. Let Drew be Drew. We know who Drew is from Loveline radio, Loveline tv, celebrity rehab, and we’ve come to really know him from these podcasts.

    Here’s the schedule of guests & topics for the first week.


    Abortion. Dr. Drew has on the Phelim McAleer & FINALLY begins to cover the Gosnell horror show. We can also include Matt Walsh, Abby Johnson & Tucker Max.

    Addiction. Glenn Beck. I’ve loved the way both Drew & Glenn discuss this. It’d be great to have them both on.

    Guns. Dana Loesch, Colion Noir & John Lott Jr. go on to EXPLODE Drew’s assumption that “having a gun means you’re more likely to get killed by that gun.”

    College, yes or no?
    Dr. Drew & a guest of his choice vs Adam Carolla and James Altucher. LET’S GET IT ON!


    Faith, believe and whatever else Drew wants do discuss with Dennis Prager.

    6th show idea:
    All about women, we have Anahita Sedaghatfar, Dana Loesch, Amber Smith, Gavin McInnes and anyone else who knows that women are happier being moms than anything else.

    So when do I start? Heh.

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