#183: Food Poisoning

October 18, 2014


Adam and Drew open the show discussing the idea of a level playing field and how our government plays into that idea. They watch a clip of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and debate how the ideas presented on that show are aiming to give people hope, but in reality may be depressing people. As the show winds down they take some listener phone calls and tell old food poisoning war stories. Superfan Sidebar >>

6 thoughts on “#183: Food Poisoning

  1. Christian Rhodes

    If you aren’t connected to those losers then why do you want to jump off the roof and kill yourself because they seem so miserable? Is it jus because it’s so pathetic? Or you feel bad for them in some way?

  2. Christian Rhodes

    Your problem Adam is you wish everybody would think like you. Yes, the world would be perfect if they did, but the fucking fact is they wont and probably never will. YES, that is fucking bull shit, no one disagrees with you there. But the fact remains. Drew is the one coming from reality here. They need a fire because it has burned out a long time a go for whatever reason that may be. You know what it takes to change, they do not. You aren’t reaching them by calling them lazy cunts. They get defensive over that and close off.

    1. LegalizeShemp

      So telling them they’re “lazy cunts” which is the truth, is bad for them, but somehow we can light a fire under them and make them successful? It’s hilarious how you liberals think it’s possible for government to make lazy bums successful with programs, it has never worked, and never will.

      1. Christian Rhodes

        Dude fuck you and never call me a liberal again. But calling them lazy cunts doesn’t do anything but make them mad, right? All im saying is there must be a way to reach them, not only insult them. While I agree they ARE lazy cunts. Calling them that doesn’t help anything.

  3. Joe Schmuccatelli

    Carolla is right. The highly intelligent idiots like Pinsky, Warren, Maher and all of the other liberals have zero common sense and their “solutions” compound our problems. LA, NYC, etceteras are being transformed by liberals into third world cesspools as well as police states. They will ultimately descend into anarchy and chaos. Keep voting for liberals and other morons and the process will only accelerate.

  4. LegalizeShemp

    Yes, “take the country back” from free marketers and turn it back over to New Deal socialists, that’s what Warren and Maher and Pinsky want, because they’re liberals. They’re convinced wealth redistribution works, but Adam’s right, freebies stifle incentive and make losers even bigger losers.

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