#185: Cigarettes vs Soda

October 25, 2014

Adam and Dr. Drew take some calls from a nursing student with a question about addiction, a father who got some questionable advice from a doctor and someone who wants Drew’s opinion on an elective surgery. Adam also uses a prop from his upcoming movie ‘Road Hard’ to illustrate some of the struggles he deals with in his everyday life. Superfan Sidebar >>

2 thoughts on “#185: Cigarettes vs Soda

  1. dennydennis

    This is why I have NO respect for Dr Drew. He is a PUSSY!!!! I truly think he has lost his mind. 12 soft drinks a day over 1 cigarette a day!?!?!?!? No sane person would have a problem figuring this one out. He does this for everything. He has no definitive answer for anything. Quit super analyzing everything and think like a human Drew. Christ!!

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