#195: By Example

November 29, 2014


Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing how parents need to put a large emphasis on teaching by example. Whether it’s having your kids see you read, exercise or be charitable, kids tend to learn behavior best by observing their parents and role models engaging in that behavior. They also take listener phone calls on a variety of topics including dating in medical school and renting in a nice neighborhood versus buying in a less affluent area. Superfan Sidebar >>

2 thoughts on “#195: By Example

  1. NoPurpleFlavorAid

    Amazing revelation that got glossed over this episode: Adam reveals he did a 45-minute interview with NPR and it was never aired. Presumably, because it did not reflect their pre-ordained outcome of what image they wanted Carolla to project.

  2. J Martin

    Chris Rock mentioned the way that he repeats the premise of his jokes often, i.e. ” Women can’t go down in lifestyle…….they can’t. Women can’t go down in lifestyle…” This way he makes sure everyone understands the joke premise so they’ll get it. You can have a funny joke, but if the audience doesn’t get it they won’t laugh.

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