#209: The Carolla Commitment

February 1, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show today examining how even though they have been friends and on-air partners for well over two decades they are never at a loss for things to talk about. They also compare notes on parenting debates within a relationship with Adam specifically citing a recent sandwich debate between he and Lynette. They also take listener phone calls on ADD medication for addicts, growing up in a household with parents who are constantly fighting and how to navigate speaking honestly about your family in a public setting without hurting feelings and damaging relationships. Superfan Sidebar >>

2 thoughts on “#209: The Carolla Commitment

  1. disqus_u6T655SoWw

    It’s not normal to yell in a relationship or at your child?????? Not all the time, but normal couples yell sometimes at each other, and at children if they deserve it. We can’t all be raised in pleasantville likr Dr. Pinski over there….

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