#211: Holes in Your Game

February 7, 2015


Adam and Dr. Drew examine Adam’s dynamic with his employees. They also take listener phone calls on birth control and how the brain reacts similarly to heroin and sugar. Superfan Sidebar >>

9 thoughts on “#211: Holes in Your Game

  1. Steve Esposito

    Groovy show boys! Drew, yea really stop harping on Adam’s alleged mean boss jazz. IIRC, even Ray mentioned to you that you were overdoing it quite some time ago.

  2. Josh

    Adam, you do have a temper, and you do make people scared whether you realize it or not. Love your shows, lay off Drew.

  3. jojodfg

    Adam, re listen to this podcast. He is kindly showing you your hole. You asked Dr Drew “Who here has received that energy?” EVERYONE WHO LISTENS TO YOUR PODCASTS. When you are bombastic and loudly in your face lecture, oh and say ‘shut up’ in someones face,you turn your listeners off and they think you are an ‘asshole’. Believe it. Open yourself to constructive criticism. You always need to be right…and will lecture until you beat down whomever you are arguing with…you think you won… sadly you lost and don’t realize it. You are actually killing your victims spirit. Not Drew, who knows how this works, but everyone else in your life whom you consider beneath you or who is willing or needs to “take it”. Be careful.

      1. TwoCentsatLeast

        Disagree. Adam could use an occasional slap-down by someone skilled enough to take him to school on certain issues, but his edge is how he makes his money and is his personality. His intolerance is useful. Both of them should stop trying to bust each other on the air.

        1. jojodfg

          Thank you Dr. Drew for your insight on this…however, it was the way told you to “shut up” that he was way over the edge and in a rage IMHO. Hard to describe, like pornography, however I know it when I see (hear) it. Like most of Adam’s listeners, I love his edge and rage against the establishment. It is cathartic, however when he is personally offended, which is his trigger, he instantly gets “scary angry”. Actually, as a long time listener when he does this “in your face” explosion, which is usually to someone whom he feels he can get away with it, I wince. My point is simply to ask him to re-listen to the instances when he does this so he can hear just how damaging this is to everyone involved, including those who love him and his shows. Maybe the two of you could make this “teachable” for all of us and dissect this moment and show those of us who are prone to this behavior how to work through it in a more constructive manner. Actually, rage is so widespread these days we all can use the insight by being shown how to deal with this on the sending AND receiving side.

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