#226: The Towering Inferno

April 1, 2015


Adam opens the show telling Dr. Drew about the new car that his wife Lynette just got and how he recently noticed that it was sitting unlocked in the driveway of their house. They also talk about the idea of hard work contributing to the greater good in the form of taxes and take listener phone calls. Superfan Sidebar >>

towering inferno

3 thoughts on “#226: The Towering Inferno

  1. Steve Esposito

    Groovy show boys!
    Drew, what on earth were you dragging around? Sounded like Jerry Stiller dragging the Festivus pole into the diner on Seinfeld.
    Adam, my wife makes pot roast.

  2. Darkheart

    Wow, even Gary and Drew tuned out during the windbag’s latest lecture. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

  3. disqus_u6T655SoWw

    The poster looks like Trump on the left and G.W. on the right, with the twin towers in the middle…

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