#236: The Race of Life

May 6, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show discussing the recent Mayweather Pacquiao fight and the bit Jimmy Kimmel did as a part of the fight. Adam then relives his prediction that Drew would not watch the Newman documentary at the recent premiere he ‘sort of’ attended. Superfan Sidebar >>


One thought on “#236: The Race of Life

  1. Steve Esposito

    On driving licenses. If the state truly viewed them as a safety issue, there would be a valid operator’s test that, if failed, would revoke your license. There would also be checks of licenses merely for operating, not just when there is injury or property damage. Like it or not, people who are no longer competent to drive will continue to do so until they damage enough property to have to sell the car to pay for it.

    Dr. Drew, I am in your corner about dealing with the emergency rather than watching Adam’s movie.

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