#239: Medium Chain Triglycerides

May 16, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show discussing one of Drew’s current favorite things, MCT Oil. As the discussion evolves the conversation turns to habit forming with Adam explaining to Drew how he has trained himself in specific areas of his life, citing Catch A Contractor specifically. They then turn to the phones giving investment advice to someone who recently sold a property, and ways that both Adam and Drew have had to learn behaviors in order to maintain harmony in their marriages. As the show wraps up they discuss Dr. Drew’s narcissism test that he used to help him write his book. Superfan Sidebar >>

3 thoughts on “#239: Medium Chain Triglycerides

  1. TwoCentsatLeast

    Hey – boys. It sure sounds like Drew is saying “flush this out” when he means “flesh this out”. To “flesh something out” is to metaphorically hang meat on the bones of a skeletal idea. To add weight and form to something slim. To “flush something out” is what you do when you get jalapeno juice in your eye and you run to the sink to stuff your head under the tap until the pain dies down. Don’t sound like a tard. Get it right/say it clearly.

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