#258: Smartphones

July 25, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show talking about some of the strenuous restrictions that are coming about as a result of the changing marketplace spurred on by smartphone apps. Later they turn to the phones and talk to a caller whose psychotherapist is, in her opinion, too concerned with her relationship status as well as a listener who recently had a heart attack at a young age and has since been having panic attacks that he did not experience before. As the show wraps up, radio host Ben Shapiro calls in to talk about the recent controversy stirred up when he was on Drew’s HLN TV show. Superfan Sidebar >>

Producers: Chris Laxamana and Gary Smith

37 thoughts on “#258: Smartphones

  1. Steve Esposito

    Drew, if you seriously expect that there is no political issue to that topic on your show then YOU sir need some therapy. Your explanation at 51:57 is nothing but pure jive.

    That Zoe person sounds like a bad egg. Sometimes jail helps people with his condition. Sounds like it goes back a ways to “battles” with other helicopter pilots over OJ coverage. The interaction on Drew’s HLN show was covered by Sargon of Akkad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qYQP1uSFWw

    Adam, that #1 Dad thing can get you in trouble with the Mandelbaums! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qM_HS0iBH2o But if Jerry Seinfeld put the whole family into the hospital, they might not be that big of a threat.

    As usual, Adam is right.

  2. D. McCue

    I lost some respect for Drew on this one. He should simply say that this Zoe person made a threat to Shapiro and it was very inappropriate instead of coming up with ridiculous excuses. I completely agree with Adam that if the situation had been reversed then Shapiro would have likely gone to jail and most definitely would have lost his job after the LGBT community called for a boycott of Breitbart sponsors.

    1. Steve Esposito

      I suspect a call by the SJWs to boycott Breitbart sponsors would result in a front page story at Breitbart. Pretty sure they would justly revel in that action. It absolutely would not result in Shapiro getting fired.

      1. MetalManForChrist

        I think he would be fired, not because of a boycott, but because of the higher level of character and self control expected out of conservatives by conservatives i.e. Breitbart. Irrational behavior is common place with liberals so it’s not really a eyebrow raiser.

      2. wanti483

        Drew is a little bi itch white knight at heart. He hates hearing the truth that undermines his professional feminist victim narrative.

    2. BAYMAAC

      Dr. Drew is a liberal and biased for the left all day. If he can’t even admit that the media is liberal then he is an idiot. I mean its unbelievable for someone so smart not to see what is clearly a bias.

    3. Concerned99

      I guess Ben himself described this in a great way along the lines:
      society (special interest groups) created “Designated Victim” class and due to this special designation members of this class are pretty much off the hook. They can and in fact do things for which any normal member of society would be convicted of “hate crimes” go to jail and have his/her life destroyed.

      So much for political very correctness of libleft ideologists.
      In the end they fight for fairness, equity and inclusiveness do they.

    1. Teddy Edwards

      Dr. Drew Pinsky might agree with you. The thing is … he’s that morally compromised, silent regarding the rights of civilized society and people who do not wear the “I’m better because I’m a victim” badge.

  3. disqus_EhU3YQ88hy

    I cannot believe how wrong, out of touch, and completely oblivious Dr. Drew is on this story – of which he is a part – and the narrative being pushed by the media, the government, and by many in popular culture. He was there to watch Tur grab and threaten Shapiro and he still denies it happened and thinks that Shapiro overreacted.
    In my mind, Shapiro underreacted and would have been well within his rights and the bounds of social construct to punch Tur.
    (In Georgia we have something called “fighting words” which allow police, judges, and jury to determine if someone was essentially provoked into a fight. If this did not fall under defense of person.)
    They actually played the Shaper/Tur clip and Drew still had to be convinced and persuaded (and I’m not convinced that he was convinced.)
    Shapiro is and was absolutely right to file charges against Tur.
    There are 2 sets of rules of in this country. If you are a protected minority you can say or do just about anything and the media will not blink. If you are white, and therefore, part of the “oppressing majority” you would be charged with a hate crime with those very same actions or words.
    Look at how eagerly the media latched onto The Rolling Stone UVA rape story. Even when it was proven to be false, many in the media continue to push the story forward and covered “mattress girl” at her graduation.
    I doubt many here would have heard of the 2 gang rapes that occurred a week ago in Detroit. 6 black men pulled a gun and robbed a young couple then forced them into an alley where the men took turns raping the woman in front of her boyfriend. 3 hours later that night they did it again.
    If these were white college students this would be a front page, lead story every single night but the perpetrators are black so nothing. (Brietbart linked the story for half a Sunday then pulled it.)

    Drew you could not be more wrong and you owe Ben Shapiro an apology for not coming to his defense immediately when he was your guest and again for pretending it was no big deal.
    Shame on you.

    1. jerry

      Totally agree with your first sentence but you have to realize that Dr. Drew is culpable with what happened and perhaps that is why he is backpedaling rather than admitting what it was. He sat Ben next to Zoey knowing how Ben felt about the issue going in and intentionally tried to spark a heated debate and it backfired. Fortunately, Ben is a decent human being and he handled the situation very well.

  4. Jack Green

    I lost respect for Drew a long time ago. He is as nutty as anyone on the left. By the way Adam, Drew IS the enemy.

  5. Teddy Edwards

    Lost whatever was left of my respect for Dr.Drew Pinsky when he acted in cowardice (at worst) or moral ambivalence (at best).. He stands for nothing but being liked.

  6. conservativemike1011


  7. David Welge

    The problem with Drew is that he believes that these people around him have done their homework and that he should listen to what they say. Drew, these people that you place your trust in don’t deserve it. You are much smarter than that.

  8. David Welge

    Really this is all about caste signaling. If you want to be part of the trend upper crust and get invited to the right cocktail parties, you have to act like you couldn’t be more pro lgbt “rights.”

  9. coldreaver

    Dr. Drew seemed really passive or apathetic to engage intellectually with Ben. I’ve never listened to this podcast before but does he always act like this with guests he disagrees with? He says to Shapiro “I disagree so strongly” on the issue of media bias but then can’t answer any of Shapiro’s questions on media bias and basically shrugs it off.

    1. gpsang

      DoubleThink does have its limits, and can be difficult if your brain isn’t a particularly fast processor.

      1. Steve Esposito

        Well, that is the problem. Drew does have a fast brain and it ran as fast as it could to making the closest person in a dress into a victim, facts in front of his eyes be damned.

        1. Raymondo

          This just reflects that Adam has a “Pirate Ship” but Drew still has to be aware of what he says in the Orwellian waters in which he makes his bacon.

          1. Paul Meister

            This. I’m a huge fan of Adam and Drew and I’ve listened to hundreds or thousands of hours of Loveline. There’s a difference in the way Drew behaves when disagreeing about something he personally cares about (like education or giving accurate medical advice) and disagreeing about things related to political correctness or his other jobs.
            With the latter he denies things things without providing a valid argument or he replies with talking points about the intent of his show and CNN as a whole. I don’t see it so much as drinking the Kool-Aid of CNN doctrine per se, but that he buys into what they tell him about HIS show. “CNN is breaking news.” “My show is about news, not political debate.” etc. He HAS to believe these things to continue hosting his show. The problem is that what CNN tells him and what CNN believes are two very different things and he has some cognitive dissonance trying to defend them.

  10. gpsang

    OK… Dr Drew is willing to look like an idiot so he doesn’t stray for acceptable leftist dogma.

  11. Darkheart

    I don’t think the problem is that Dr. Drew is a liberal. I don’t think Drew is anything except absolutely terrified at the power of the left, especially the power to effect a person’s employment. I listened to Loveline from the age of 15 and I can say that Drew is only confident when it comes to medicine. Take him out of his comfort zone and he immediately defers to the powerful.

    He’s a moral coward and always has been.

  12. uhhuhh

    I’m glad to see the repellent Adam Carolla drop the intelligence-insulting effort to pretend that he’s not an anti-LGBT bigot. No one was buying it anyway.

  13. Kristin Barabas

    What I think is messed up is that Dr.Drew and Corolla didn’t bother to mention that Ben Shapiro was going out of his way to hateful and disrespectful to trans persons, and can’t understand why Zoe would be upset beyond being pissed. She wasn’t the only member of the panel that was visibly angry and pissed with Shapiro’s hateful misgendering and ignorant speech. Let’s also mention how trans individuals have to fight for every right we have to be treated with respect and to have someone do what Shapiro did, and not get angry when someone is going out of their way to to say as many ignorant, and inflamming comments with what I believe was to designed to get a rise out of Zoe, and the other panelist.

    That said I don’t agree with how Zoe handled the situation, but Shapiro also has an agenda in wanting to belittle the transgender issue. I really wish she had handled it with more respect and dignity realizing that she is a public face for the trans community can not act the way that she did. She played right into Shapiro’s hands in allowing his provoking to make her do something stupid that shows the transgender community in a bad light.

    I was very upset that no one wanting to take about Shapiro’s bigoted inflammatory comments. That saddens me greatly. I feel he should have been called out on that specially the purposeful misgendering.

  14. Daniel Joseph

    Always loved Dr. Drew until now, he’s a complete dump fuck when it comes to this. Or a complete coward not sure which one.

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