#259: The Syndrome

July 29, 2015


Adam tries a therapeutic exercise attempting to rid Dr. Drew of his bad habits. Then the guys talk to this week’s Lord of the Jungle about his unique purchase. Later they talk to a listener with some information for Adam on German beer, a man who just found out his wife has been sexting his friends, and a caller who suffers from situational panic attacks. Superfan Sidebar >>

Producers: Chris Laxamana and Gary Smith


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  • Dan K

    Seeing those photos make me want to shout ‘FREAK OUT’

  • Nice show. Good call on running from the Zoey issue.

    • TwoCentsatLeast

      I saw the clip from that show. Interesting how being older AND having chick hormones dropped in on top of the reduction in Testosterone, and you still get a little of Bob Tur attitude anyway when he’s heated up. On the other hand, Ben Shapiro is a gold-plated jerk. I’m okay with poking the bear. But you don’t run to the police in your pink party dress and bitch that another guy threatened you when you were asking to be punched.

      • No, calling someone “sir” never deserves an assault response on one’s person.

      • SlayerofBodom

        “Asking to be punched” by responding to Bob Tur’s name-calling with a funny quip? Interesting theory! How about I start calling you a worthless, stupid, little cunt, and if you dare say anything to me in response, I will grab you by your scrawny neck and threaten to beat your ass?

        By your logic, we would be morally equivalent, right?

    • SlayerofBodom

      Yes, good call, since it exposed Dr. Drew for the lying, cowardly, self-hating, liberal douchebag he is.

      When you repeatedly roll your eyes at, smirk, and can’t even admit that a guest grabbing another by the neck, threatening to send him in an ambulance, and then continuing to threaten to beat him up and curbstomp him constitutes a “threat”, there isn’t much more to say.

      Of course, his assertion that every news channel “is only about ratings” and political bias never, ever factors in (although he contradicted himself a few minutes later) was probably even more idiotic.

  • TwoCentsatLeast

    Adam: An A380 with 256 SOB is not even half full.