#260: Caulk

August 1, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show with a story of Adam’s recent frustration with one of his employees trying to locate some caulk. Drew then recalls last Sunday’s discussion with Ben Shapiro and explains his realization that the level of intensity is equal on both sides of the political divide. Later they turn to the phones and take listener calls on simple ways to improve your life, what constitutes sexual assault and managing PTSD. Superfan Sidebar >>

Producers: Chris Laxamana and Gary Smith


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7 thoughts on “#260: Caulk

  1. David Welge

    Oh great, it’s the equality fallacy. There might be crazies on both sides, but one side is in power. How do you know which side? Who can’t you get away with insulting? Hmmmm.

      1. Darkheart

        I don’t think he just discovered anything. I think he’s simply incapable of criticizing the left by itself and is trying to equivocate. David nailed it.

        Like I said in the other thread, the right won’t try to get you fired.

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