#265: Energy

August 19, 2015


Adam opens the show catching up with Drew about his trip to Monterey and the recent passing of the family dog Molly. The conversation then turns to Adam’s thoughts on people’s energy and how what you project will shape the image that people have of you. The pair then turn to the phones and speak to a caller with a question about Adam’s upbringing that transitions into Adam’s thoughts on how different kinds of parents can play a huge role in shaping different kinds of workers. Superfan Sidebar >>

Producers: Chris Laxamana and Gary Smith

5 thoughts on “#265: Energy

  1. Clinton M. Southwick

    Great show gentlemen. Website guys…can’t you hyperlink the episode pics to the episode address? Thanks.

  2. Doug Nienhuis

    Yet another episode in which Adam criticizes and insults some of his closest friends and co-workers, lectures the rest of us on “grit”, and is enabled by Dr. Drew. Adam never gets tired of treading this old ground. I assume it comes from deep-seated insecurity. Why else does he have this overpowering need to hold himself up by tearing others down? I’m not far enough into the show to start counting how many times Adam calls Dr. Drew an idiot and tells him to shut up. I assume it’s a lot of times. This podcast has become unlistenable of late.

    1. Shawn Mann

      It’s like you just said “Yet another slice of pizza with delicious, fresh toppings that are so entertaining to everyone else’s tastebuds. Lets take the toppings off this pizza. And the sauce. Let’s just eat bread. This pizza is uneatable of late.” It’s funny. If this type of humor isn’t your taste, stop eating it.

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