#302: The Los Angeles Rams

January 21, 2016


Adam and Drew open up the show talking about the popular traffic navigation app Waze and it’s necessity in getting around Los Angeles traffic. The conversation then turns to the story of the Rams returning to Los Angeles and how the new stadium will be viewed by LA residents. As the show starts to wrap up the guys turn to the phones and take some listener phone calls. Superfan Sidebar >>

3 thoughts on “#302: The Los Angeles Rams

  1. phil_are_go

    Drew, quit fiddling with the goddam mic. You make your living teaching people how to learn and change. Apparently, this applies to everyone but you? Leave the fucking mic alone!

  2. Adam Fears

    Adam, when you squeegeed the sweat off that fat latino guys head on “CATCH A CONTRACTOR” I almost pissed myself laughing. That guy you got through to in the end…lol

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