#271: Guest Host Jim Jefferies

September 10, 2015


With Adam out this week Drew is joined by comedian Jim Jefferies.  Jim & Drew discuss how to be a successful working stand up comedian, Jim’s recent strange experience with a group of male strippers and the strange way rugby has bonded them together.  As the show starts to wrap up they take listener phone calls on a variety of topics. Superfan Sidebar >>

4 thoughts on “#271: Guest Host Jim Jefferies

  1. h_

    Dr. Drew, in this “Adam & Dr. Drew Show” episode with guest host Jim Jeffries, you request listener input about what we’d like to see on your other podcast, “The Dr. Drew Show.”

    I’d like to hear you interview these folks about plant-based nutrition’s ability to alleviate physical (& mental) symptoms from autoimmune illnesses:

    Michael Klaper:

    Monica Aggarwal:

    Clint Paddison:

    Michael Greger:

    John McDougall:

    Your interviewing these people would interest quite a few of us long-time listeners.

    We’d like to learn your perspective on the nutrition-wellness connection by speaking with them in the vein of earlier “Dr. Drew Show” discussions (such as with Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen).

    Thank you for your consideration, Dr. Drew.

    Looking forward to future episodes of the “Dr. Drew Show.”

  2. Steve Esposito

    How about a show on the crazy jive of David Cooper, South African Psychiatrist who started the “Anti-psychiatry” movement? Not sure if he got the ball rolling calling sanitariums “gulags” back in the 1060s/’70s, but he can’t be far from that bunch.

  3. Darkheart

    I guess everyone missed this little hoplophobic Aussie pissant’s anti-gun shtick. Supporters of the 2nd Amendment should boycott anything with this pig’s bloated mug on it, including episodes of this podcast.

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