#273: Pint in a Glass

September 17, 2015


Adam and Drew are reunited today and open the show talking about Adam’s recent trip to London and his realization that England allows adults to be adults far more than America does these days. Adam then tells Drew about a CHP officer whom he has noticed sitting on the off ramp near his house and the safety hazard he is causing. As the show winds down Adam and Drew take listener phone calls on a variety of topics including last night’s GOP debate. Superfan Sidebar >>

2 thoughts on “#273: Pint in a Glass

  1. Steve Esposito

    Hey Adam, I have been yelling about the chicken shit cop stuff for at least as long as you, in the same manner, almost the same words. However, my microphone does not get out as far as yours. Great show boys!

  2. Doug Nienhuis

    If you’re heard Adam on any other podcast ever, there’s no need to listen to this episode. It’s the usual. Adam yells at Drew. Then Adam yells at Drew some more. Adam takes a deep breath and keeps yelling. Then he swears at Dr. Drew and screams, “Fuck you!” Yells some more. Takes a call from Colorado. Yells at the caller. Insults the caller. Insults the caller’s entire state. Adam seems to lose his mind at this point. He’s raging at this caller and comes up with insult after insult. The caller is remarkably polite and controlled throughout all of this. So is Dr. Drew for that matter. Dr. Drew knew better than to say very much. His one or two comments or questions about the mayor of L.A. or where the cop car was parked brought down a screaming fit from Adam. Dr. Drew stayed quiet after that and just read the ads like he was supposed to. A very weird episode overall.

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