#274: Autobahn

September 19, 2015


Adam and Drew jump straight to the phones this week and talk to a former caller who has an update on his status and needs some more advice. Adam also talks with Drew about their time on the road during the Loveline days which leads Adam to explain how his wiring has him conditioned to live a reward based life. As the show wraps up Ace & Drew take more listener phone calls on topics including mental health and the German Autobahn. Superfan Sidebar >>

3 thoughts on “#274: Autobahn

  1. Doug Nienhuis

    It’s quite funny to hear Adam’s version of the fight he had with his wife, Lynette, about their most recent move. Lynette gave her side of the fight on her podcast “For Crying Out Loud”, and I have to say that her version is much more convincing.

    It began with Adam agreeing to use a professional moving company. And why not? He’s got tons of money. Why not take advantage of being rich and hire professional help to make his wife’s life easier? You know that whatever Adam says, he’s not going to be the one responsible for boxing up the contents of the house. He might do a bit of heavy lifting when the time comes, but the bulk of the responsibility for the move is going to land on Lynette’s shoulders. So he agreed to use professsional movers. But at the last minute, he announced to Lynette that he’d changed his mind. He wanted to save a couple of dollars and use his “guys” from the warehouse and his own truck. He didn’t consult Lynette about this. He just did it. And when the time came, the “guys” were next to useless. Who but Adam would expect otherwise? They did half a job, disappeared (along with Adam) during the job, and otherwise just messed about while Lynette and Olga had to step in and do their work for them – including carrying heavy furniture that the “guys” just left outside next to colonies of red ants.

    And don’t forget that this entire move was Adam’s idea. It comes from his impulse decision to build an envelope house. You know that Lynette has zero interest in that. It feels like they just moved into their current home anyway. And then Adam makes the insane decision to move into the very house that he plans on tearing down. So as stressful and crazy as this move was, they are going to have to pack up and move again in just a couple of months into some lousy temporary home while Adam spends a year+ building his dream envelope house. (And you know this won’t be a comfortable family home. It’ll be a high-tech, probably cold and futuristic place.) And instead of planning ahead and leaving lots of time, Adam ends up scheduling the entire move in what sounded like a three-hour period from nine in the morning until noon on the very last day. And Lynette has to take care of the kids in this time and get them off to school and find them a place to stay while they move into the new house and make sure the kids have everything they need with them. You know how it is. Mothers and wives end up doing most of the work. It’s always been that way. And the husbands and fathers are largely oblivious to how much work they do. They swoop in for the big moments and take the glory of driving the truck or lifting the fridge or some crazy thing while ignoring the weeks of work their wives did beforehand actually preparing the contents of the house for the move.

    So Lynette had every right to be upset with Adam for disappearing for most of that day regardless of what he was doing. It was his idea to move. It was his idea to use his warehouse guys and his own truck instead of professional movers. It was his poor planning that put them in such a constricted time frame. Everything was on him. And they’re doing all of this only to satisfy his latest hobbyist obsession – building an envelope house. He’s essentially putting his hobby ahead of the welfare of his wife and children. So he should have made every possible effort to make this move easy on Lynette. At the very least, he should have kept his promise to use professional movers. Failing that, he should have been there to supervise his “guys” to make sure that they did as good a job as professional movers would have. But he did none of these things.

    Then when Lynette calls Adam to task for disappearing and leaving all the work to her, Adam has the gall to play the gender card. He says that Lynette was angry because she is at the mercy of her female hormones. She was reacting emotionally and irrationally instead of out of logic and facts. It’s the ultimate insult – the one that so many men resort to when talking about women.

    The funny thing is that if it wasn’t for Lynette’s podcast, I’d probably just accept Adam’s version of events. He’s always telling stories where he was the one in the right and everyone else is stupid or lazy or irrational. Now it’s great to be able to listen to Lynette’s podcast and hear what really happened. And you could try to chalk it up to a “he said, she said” situation, but Lynette’s stories are always much more realistic and convincing. The facts are always on her side. The yelling and the shouting are on Adam’s side, but that’s about it.

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