#279: The Tip, The Shaft, And Sometimes The Balls

October 8, 2015


Adam opens the show telling Drew about his theory on listening to those who are successful and want to impart knowledge to others. After Drew leads the conversation down an unexpected side street, Adam turns the conversation to the topic of waking up and how to manage your morning alarms. Adam and Drew then turn to the phones and answer some listener questions. Superfan Sidebar >>

5 thoughts on “#279: The Tip, The Shaft, And Sometimes The Balls

  1. The Borderline

    That part about an entitled guy selecting a girl, doing lots of things for her, and then getting upset when the selected girl doesn’t want him may have more to do with communication problems. I think some of those guys, if not most, are not upfront that they want to be more than friends, so they are quickly friend zoned. There are a lot of guys who really think that if they just buddy up to a girl and become her best guy friend, do lots of things for her, etc. she will understand he wants a romantic relationship. But women aren’t mind readers, so they just think those guys are good buddies. They don’t realize that accepting the attention of those guys is making the guys think there is romantic interest. Basically, those guys think getting friend zoned is a sign that the selected women were teases who led them on, even though they gave no indication that they wanted to be more than just friends.

    1. Steve Esposito

      All that and it really does seem that this entitlement attitude has gotten amped up for a lot more people. It used to be mostly college students, in dead-end majors were the most visible in this set. And if you were not hanging around college all day, you didn’t hear of them much.

      Over the past few years, this seems to have been pushed down in the grades and spilled out into the streets. I work out in public and run across a different version all the time and a different version is what I am confronted with the most: cigarette bums.

      Time was when you asked someone else for a cigarette, if they refused they were not cussed out and/or threatened. Today the cigarette bums, outside a store or in a bar, seem to believe that offering to buy a cigarette MUST result in a sale. It is as if they think they are the government with eminent domain authority. If they want it, you better give it to them.

      This is not a manifestation of being poor either, actually the poor are the least offensive in this regard. It happens in not-so-cheap bars that sell cigarettes, it happens all over.

      Bonus: If it comes to the case of calling the authorities, the bum’s side is the side they take, further bolstering the bad lessons until the bum gets in real trouble.

      1. The Borderline

        OMG! I can’t believe you wrote that. In this last year, a kid on a skateboard asked me to buy cigarettes in a store for him because he was too young. I told him I won’t buy cigarettes for anyone. He gave me a death stare and said, “That’s f***** up.” Then he went off on his skateboard.

        1. Steve Esposito

          The last time for me was a grown man (30ish) wanting to buy a cigarette from me in front of a convenience store. I shook my head no. He went into the story with his sketchy friend. When he came out, he “fuckered” me at the top of his voice all the way through the parking lot and across the street.

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