#281: Pussies

October 15, 2015


Adam opens the show apologizing to Drew for once again being late to the show, though he does mention that the traffic today was noticeably more congested than normal. After talking to Drew about some of the recent remarks Bobby Jindal made on the Oregon shooting, the guys turn to the phones and take some listener questions. After speaking to a fan with opinions from across the pond, they move on to a fan who is in a new relationship wondering when to meet her boyfriend’s kids. Superfan Sidebar >>

3 thoughts on “#281: Pussies

  1. The Borderline

    Ironically, Drew tried to cut off the dick trail kind of recently on his TV show. He said Kim Kardashian physically abused Kris Humphries when she was married to him. He showed footage of her and Kris having a play fight. She tried to punch him in the arm for screwing up her pedicure and he grabbed her arms to prevent her. They were both smiling. But isn’t that just rough housing (play fighting)? If we come down too hard on women who like to rough house with their husbands then we’re just cutting off their dick trail. It’s not like she tried to hurt him.

    I once had my dick trail cut off. I tried to join the high school wrestling team (all boys), and the wrestling coach pressured me not to join even though he couldn’t bar me. I later found out some girl joined before me and then one of the boys got her on all fours during practice. He then pretended to have doggy style sex with her in front of the other boys on the team, and the coach didn’t want to have to relive that. There was no penetration, and everyone was clothed. But I think if we stopped trying to cut off the dick trail for girls and women, it would just be normal for guys and girls to rough house. No one would see it as domestic violence or an opportunity to simulate sex. The dick trail should exist for males and females.

  2. Charles

    I, too, wonder if Carolla’s people read this section. I hope so. Either way, here goes…

    Yes, Adam. Apparently, it is true that the Oregon killer’s father played a minimal role in his son’s life while, on the other hand, his mom played a major role. But you seem to disregard that (a) the killer had a history of mental problems; and (b) despite that history, his mother had no qualms about exposing him to more than a smidgen of gun culture.
    And oh yeah. Don’t forget (c) “Mom” is an apparent fruitcake herself; who is obviously now so busy trying to cover her tracks that the media can’t get a hold of her.

    Lastly, the killer was 26. You make it sound like he was 17. Do you expect to know your son’s deepest and darkest secrets (like how many guns he owns) after he’s eight years into adulthood?

    At any rate, this is the context in which the writer from Esquire (who, if you checked his history, is not some Gavin Newsom-esque, knee-jerk liberal; maybe you should invite for an interview) decided to go off on his anti-Jindal rant.

    Let us not mince words here. Jindal is a GOP presidential hopeful whose campaign has languished abysmally since day one. This dude is beyond desperate. So what you are interpreting as some honest, bold, “breath of fresh air” is most likely a pathetic attempt to gin up the NRA wing of the GOP.
    That said, of course we can concede that (maybe) the killer’s father said what he said only to avoid discussing his own potential culpability. But maybe (just maybe) he was also asking a very legitimate question.
    Like: “WTF? How does a guy with a history of mental illness obtain 14 guns in an advanced, civil society?” Must one be a bleeding heart socialist/communist to ask that question? I don’t think so.
    And that is why Dr. Drew is quite correct to call out both sides. There’s a ton of rubbish that emanates from the right, just like the left.
    For proof, please check out that ongoing, never-ending spectacle dubbed the 2016 GOP primary race.

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