#284: Diora Baird

October 24, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show welcoming our guest model and actress Diora Baird to the show. After talking to Diora about some of the upcoming TV and web series work that Diora has coming, the conversation turns to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ custody situation. After taking some calls, they turn to the recent Bill Cosby controversy and the lesser known examples of similar notorious offenders in the entertainment industry. Superfan Sidebar >>

6 thoughts on “#284: Diora Baird

  1. Steve Esposito

    Adam’s prefered divorce asset allocation is what exists on paper in many States, including Tennessee. Equitable property division. However, the child support in TN is based on your income at the divorce. If it goes up, your support goes up. If your income goes down, your support probably won’t. BTW, prenuptial agreements get thrown out all the time.

    1. Darkheart

      And when a man can’t pay, he get thrown into debtor’s prison like it’s still the 19th century.

  2. Ras5555

    Get it on! If is hilarious when Adam gets angry with Drew – i have been listening to these guys for almost 2 decades – and it is so hilarious that Drew can piss off Adam – without even trying! Poor Drew – he does this even without intending to – and I love that when they argue – it is completely organic and not some contrived “radio fight” – but Aceman is genuinely gets pissed at Drew

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