#285: Michael Aronin

October 28, 2015


Michael Aronin joins the show this week to talk with Adam and Drew about his crowdfunding project ‘No Comic Left Behind’ which aims to take physically challenged comics around the country to raise awareness. After talking with Michael, they three turn to the phones and speak to someone having a medical issue, a doctor who feels people are becoming convinced they suffer from ailments they don’t, and a caller who wants their opinion on #Gamergate. Superfan Sidebar >>

14 thoughts on “#285: Michael Aronin

    1. David Welge

      Again, it’s not about video games per se. It’s about how the left is manipulating the media, and how gamers are the first group ever to say, “fuck off.” You think that Adam would give some respect to this group that are fighting his fight and are his allies.

          1. Steve Esposito

            You people are so full of yourselves. You are having the same effect on these special snowflakes who live in worlds that exist between their ears, or in drum circles, or at the student’s center that everybody else has. The Leftoid gamer crowd might have a better effect if they were not joining with these loons on every other issue under the sun.

          2. David Welge

            Who’s joining with anybody? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m certainly not joining with leftists on anything. Gamer gate at least convinced many news outlets to adopt terms of ethics policies, and created a bulwark against hard left identity politics where none was before. Why shit on us?

          3. Darkheart

            This is one of the most embarrassing podcasts of Adam’s that I’ve ever heard. It’s a good thing that I stopped thinking of the man as a genius and role model a long time ago. Now he’s just a bitter, miserable old man who is probably bound for a divorce in the long run.

            Keep in mind that Adam doesn’t like video games but he does think that sitting on his ass and watching television for hours is a good and manly way to spend one’s time. The brain slows down watching tv while games are interactive. There’s no question as to which is the healthier pastime.

          4. Darkheart

            P.S. It’s no use trying to convince dipshit, prick-waving neocons that there’s a principle to be defended here. Anything not in lockstep with neoconnery will be dismissed as leftism in disguise.

  1. Steve Esposito

    CP Comic, did you used to appear in DC back in the 1990s? The only time I ever went to a comedy club there was for a guy who used that handle. Biggest takeway after decades: “Hi, I have CP”
    “Oh, MS”
    “Ah, where did I lose you?”

    My memory certainly does not do that joke justice.

  2. David Welge

    The problem Adam, is that you’re making all of this about video games and love of video games. You aren’t listening to the real issue. The real issue is that the radical left is trying to take over the media, and video games are now a big part of “THE MEDIA.” What started as a simple dispute over a woman sleeping around, turned into an expose on how the left uses “harassment” as an excuse to silence legitimate criticism, while also demonstrating how social justice warriors want to control people’s thoughts. Gamergaters are now pretty much the only ones actively fighting this left wing invasion/thought police. Why not throw them a bone, since they are essentially fighting your fight?

    1. Darkheart

      Adam doesn’t live by any sort of principle; he lives by what his gut tells him is right. In this episode he heard “video games” and that was it. He took the Idiot Ball and ran with it off a cliff. And any pushback gets the standard response of “What do I know, I’m just the guy with thirty cars in his garage…” At this point, trying to communicate with the man is like trying to communicate with an angry ten year old. It doesn’t help that Drew’s servility and submissiveness adds fuel to the fire.

  3. Doug Nienhuis

    Listen to this episode if you want to hear Adam at his best: rude, insulting, self-absorbed, and repetitive.

    One caller was a doctor who wanted to discuss a trend in medicine regarding allergies. As Dr. Drew tried valiantly to point out, it is an interesting topic with implications for medical liability, the profit motive in medicine, manipulative patients, and the need for better psychiatric training for doctors. But Adam turned it into a screaming rant about himself and how he is rich and successful:

    “All I have to have is half a fucking motor and not make excuses for everything, and I get to excel. I get to be rich. I was a fucking failure, and I get to be rich by simply not saying I’m allergic to everything, I’m a victim, I’m not quite feeling it today.”

    The real low point in the episode, however, came with the caller asking their opinion of GamerGate. Neither Adam nor Drew had heard of GamerGate. I hadn’t either. And a normal response would be, “GamerGate? What’s that?” But Adam was not interested. He heard the word “gamer” and that set him off on his standard rant. By the time he was done, he’d called this poor woman:

    – feeble-minded

    – an idiot

    – wildly immature

    – a dumbo who doesn’t have a life

    – an idiot talking about nothing

    – fat and didn’t get fucked in high school

    – asshole living in a shitty apartment

    – someone that Harrison Ford laughs at and pities

    – fat person sitting on a computer all day long

    – a fucking nerd

    And Adam rounded it off with a resounding, “Fuck you!” And all of this was aimed, not at a critic, but at a fan who made the effort to call in to a recorded show and wait on hold for probably over an hour. And, of course, the caller’s interest wasn’t even in video games per se, but in the broader issues of free speech and censorship. But Adam has zero interest in anything beyond the limits of his rant. His response to the idea of free speech and gamergate was the bizarre statement, “Why don’t you give a free speech to your kids?” Even Drew had no idea what Adam meant by that.

    Then Adam switched gears and aimed a broadside of insults related to this caller being a woman. He asked, “Is there a game where we can simulate you having a loving husband? Or kids who give a fuck?” Adam then asks her, “Do you have kids? Do you have a husband? No? Well, that’s what you need, sadly. You’ve got to channel some of this energy, which is going into nothing, into kids.”

    It’s funny that Adam constantly wonders why he has to defend himself against accusations of sexism. Yet, here he is being amused that a woman is interested in anything other than getting a man and raising kids. This is their true nature according to Adam, and if women would just take care of their husbands, raise kids, and get back in the kitchen where they belong, they wouldn’t have to worry about anything else. Just let the men deal with the important stuff (like driving vintage cars in a circle).

    1. David Welge

      It really sucks, because gamer gaters are fighting Adam’s fight, but he doesn’t want to give them moral support, because “video games aren’t real life,” even though the left wing attacks on all media are directly effecting real lives.

  4. The Borderline

    Yikes. Some people are MAD! But I will say this about the doc who called in. I respect that he actually takes the time to order lots of tests before insisting the problem is psychological. I was a victim of lack of testing, and it was for seizures. I was diagnosed with pseudoseizures by a neurologist who only did one eeg and a CT. Ten years later, I got another referral to his office again after insisting to my doc that this had to be more than psychological. His PA saw me and ordered an MRI and an eeg. The MRI was fine, but she looked freaked out over the eeg. I was having lots of seizures according to testing.

    Weirdly, the neurologist wouldn’t meet with me. I thought he would at least come in and say, “Ya know…remember that time I said you have conversion disorder…that was my bad. Sorry about that one. You really are having seizures.” It makes me not trust doctors that he wouldn’t even apologize for the goof.

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