#286: Dandruff and Homework

November 5, 2015


Adam opens the show talking to Drew about the insane amounts of homework that his 9 year old twins have been receiving. Adam then brings up his recent revelation that dandruff commercials seem to have all but disappeared compared to how prevalent they were in the 1980s. The guys then turn to the phones and talk to a few different callers about a variety of topics. Superfan Sidebar >>

3 thoughts on “#286: Dandruff and Homework

  1. Ambrose

    God, quit whining Adam (not that you’ll ever read this). Kids have homework. Isn’t that Lynette’s job too – to be a parent – what the hell does she do all day anyway? I know you just want to someone to play with at night and that’s great to be involved with your kids, but understand they also need to school work. If you don’t like it, don’t be a parent. Also, what about a construction worker who works all day at remodeling or building houses, etc. and comes home to work on his house remodel. Same type of work at work and at home. You, of all people should know this.

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