#287: Not In The Any Community

November 9, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show talking about the fact that while they are both very much in Hollywood, they aren’t really a part of the so-called ‘communities’. The guys then turn to the phones and open with a caller asking about the drug Suboxone. The conversation then turns to Lamar Odom, his recent medical troubles and his relationship with Khloe Kardashian. They then speak to a caller who recently discovered his wife was having an intimate relationship with an ex. As the show winds down Ace & Drew talk to a caller dealing with girlfriend who has a questionable spiritual advisor. Superfan Sidebar >>

8 thoughts on “#287: Not In The Any Community

  1. Mauser

    When it comes to expediting research, you will get a lot further if you eliminate the FDA vice allowing stem cell research.

      1. Mauser

        Agreed. I don’t think that the Government does Science very well. In fact, I think that providing it resources to do research and technological development actually has a retarding effect on those fields.

  2. Toadus

    Your off-road vehicle analogy works unless you have winter every year, Ace. Out here we have this shit called snow. Unless you drive through it…you don’t feed your kids. Most of us don’t have a choice of multiple vehicles each day…maybe I would if I did your best! Love ya, Ace.

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