#289: Bite Marks

November 14, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show talking about the recent controversy surrounding the University of Missouri and its now former president Tim Wolfe. They then turn to the phones and talk to a caller who is concerned with some injuries his two year old has been coming home from day care with. Later the conversation turns to governmental PSAs and the way they are cast in a seemingly racist manner. Presidential candidate Donald Trump then becomes the topic of conversation as Drew asks for Adam’s take on his campaign. Superfan Sidebar >>

  • Dr. Drew, try listening to Adam a little more. Especially about the precious special snowflakes at college.

  • Skiny Farrinaci

    Drew you are such a pussy. I love how you just report hoaxes as evidence.

  • Seth M

    Damn good episode. The bit about the Mid East was hilarious!

  • David Welge

    They had reasonable requests? Those little pukes at Mizzou had no such thing.

    They were demanding race quotas, the acceptance of an idea (white privilege), and classes to indoctrinate the youth further into bullshit. How can Drew be such a huge fucking pussy?

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