#292: But then, I’m a Dude

November 29, 2015


Adam opens the show talking with Drew about his love for Thanksgiving and the satisfaction that comes from preparing a big dinner for friends and family. Drew then busts Adam’s chops for not offering to help him get invited to a Jaguar event where Drew may have been offered a free car to drive for a year. The conversation then takes a turn to some of the recent sports scandals including Duke Lacrosse, Ray Rice and Greg Hardy. The guys then turn to the phones and talk to a few listeners on a variety of topics. Superfan Sidebar >>

One thought on “#292: But then, I’m a Dude

  1. Steve Esposito

    Trumbo is one of quite a few guys who defended the Soviet rule of Poland while claiming that the Soviets never had colonies. A Stalinist is not the greatest character to hang thy hat on.

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