#293: Kaopectate

December 3, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show talking about the past weekend where they got together to watch USC play UCLA in football and the epic drinking spree they went on. The guys then turn to the phones and talk to a variety of callers on topics ranging from controlling mothers to large relationship age gaps. Superfan Sidebar >>

One thought on “#293: Kaopectate

  1. Candice Fitzpatrick

    Dear Adam & Dr Drew,
    I love the show, the whole Carolla Digital family! I have a question in regards to a classic loveline episode. You had a girl call in about if I remember correctly was having relationship issues and then she told this story how she had dreams that some man was standing over her bed when she was a young girl. Then come to find out after you talked to her a guy was living down in the families basement and the dad chased him off one day. Did you ever hear anything else from that girl? That was a bizarre story! Also, to Dr Drew’s point I definitely agree with the higher anxiety levels probably drummed up by the news outlets. I was starting to feel that way about the Trump-v-Hillary campaigns because at one point in the not too distant past they were friends. I’ll admit I started to have “off-the-grid” conspiracy thoughts. So anyway, thanks for the great episodes! I hope you guys get out to Boston for a show sometime!

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