#303: Powdered Milk and Adult Coloring Books

January 23, 2016


Adam & Drew open the show discussing how many common products today like Red Bull and Gatorade came to be during their lifetimes and therefore have always struck them as slightly odd. The conversation then turns to airplane food and why back in the late 90s fresh fruit was served but it always tasted and smelled a bit off from what one would expect to find on the ground. The guys then turn to the phones and take a variety of listener phone calls. Superfan Sidebar >>

3 thoughts on “#303: Powdered Milk and Adult Coloring Books

  1. The Borderline

    I have an adult coloring book that I bought from the Dollar Tree. All the other stores charge ten dollars or more, so I was glad to get one for only a dollar. If either of you guys ever put out a coloring book, make some for cheap. Some of us can’t be spending 13 bucks on a coloring book.

    1. The Borderline

      I was reading Hollow City today, which is a novel with snapshots throughout, and I realize that people do love reading. I think a lot of people just enjoy having pictures to go along with it.

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