#312: Brian McKnight

February 24, 2016


Adam and Drew welcome R&B legend Brian McKnight to the show. Adam opens the show asking Brian to help him recall a memory they shared from many years ago. The gang then talks about concerts and the idea of a sit in, with Brian sharing a very nice story before Adam shares one he’s not so fond of. As the show winds down the guys turn to the phones and talk to some listeners. Superfan Sidebar >>

  • Deaf Ears

    Nice guns Dr. Drew!

  • KP

    Auburn Car Company is what you’re thinking of Adam.

  • KP

    Auburn cars also came out of Indiana. Those are beauts.

  • Auburn, Studebaker and Stutz began in Indiana too. Longer list here: http://www.dillsborolegion.org/inautomobiles.htm

  • Dii Pooler

    I felt like Brian fell into the background a bit and Adam took over this podcast – which is completely fine because it made this podcast hilarious to me. One of my favorite small moments was when Adam said, “Brian knows what I’m talking about” and Brian says, “I have NO idea what you’re talking about”. That gave me a massive fit of giggles. Overall – great podcast.