#313: Idiotsitter’s Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse

February 28, 2016


Groundling alums Jillian Bell & Charlotte Newhouse of the Comedy Central show Idiotsitter join Adam and Dr. Drew. As the show opens, Adam compares notes with Jillian and Charlotte about their respective experiences with the classes. The gang then turns to listener phone calls before a fight ensues between Adam and Drew over a story Charlotte tells. Superfan Sidebar >>

One thought on “#313: Idiotsitter’s Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse

  1. Steve Esposito

    LOL at 30:30! Back not long after OSHA was formed in 1971, and the backup noise on trucks was put into effect, a Chicago news guy commented that the new earplug regulations might be an offsetting factor. Also, I noticed when working somewhere with a bunch of folk who Rascals, or similar, that they had a reverse beeper that sounded just like a dump truck.

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