#322: Dr. Drew Sings The National Anthem

March 30, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show talking about Drew’s recent performance of the National Anthem at the Los Angeles Kings game, and the general idea of people doing things that are a little bit out of their comfort zone. Adam and Drew then watch Drew’s performance before going to the phones and answering some listener questions. Superfan Sidebar >>

3 thoughts on “#322: Dr. Drew Sings The National Anthem

  1. The Borderline

    That caller who talked about sharing his wife reminded me of Dave Chappelle. Years ago, he made a joke and said he has a “one dick per fantasy room rule.” He said “my dick is always the star of my show” or something like that. Basically, he thinks straight guys don’t fantasize about sharing a woman with another guy. Too many penises in the fantasy room.

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