#326: Sean Patrick Flanery

April 14, 2016


Sean Patrick Flanery talks to Adam and Dr. Drew about his history with the Long Beach Grand Prix and his acting career before the guys turn to the phones. They talk to callers about a variety of topics including being caught masturbating, helping a friend who is struggling with his sexuality, and working up the courage to make a move on someone. Superfan Sidebar >>

For more on Sean’s novel, Jane Two, visit JaneTwo.com



One thought on “#326: Sean Patrick Flanery

  1. Venom.

    It may be a byproduct of doing too much podcasting, but the content is just plain repetitive. I get it, in order to be successful, you have to have the right mentality. No need to beat it to the ground, everything doesn’t need a grandiose philosophical reasoning. Once you have a reasonable amount of success, you have to do everything you can to sustain and enhance your image, lifestyle – so you can further grow. I recommend listening to an episode of Classic Loveline where Drew and Adam actually have some great moments, rather than dried up motivational rhetoric.

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