#328: The Evolution of Ads

April 20, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show talking about a recent conversation Adam had with his employee Caelan, explaining to Drew that the way the conversation went is a window into how society has changed over the years. Adam also shows Drew some vintage coffee commercials and they examine how ads are a window into the time in which we’re living. Later they take listener phone calls on a variety of topics. Superfan Sidebar >>

4 thoughts on “#328: The Evolution of Ads

  1. Steve Esposito

    14:00 People walking behind cars as they back up is one of my peeves too. I see it all the time, everywhere, every part of the country. An associated peeve is newer cars and the backup lights that come on even if they are not in reverse. Not sure if it is all American brands, but the backup lights will be on when nobody is in the vehicle at all, and they flash on when someone clicks the remote locks for their car. That said, the backup lights becoming meaningless is no excuse for people walking behind a moving car.

  2. jj1319

    The Rigid threader shown is a very good machine. As mentioned, not nearly as necessary as it once was, but it is a functional “retro” machine worth having. It weighs a ton. One of the best, and it will never wear out.

  3. jj1319

    Almost forgot: Drew, I’ll give you $7.00 for the brand new trash can directly to the left. Provided, of course, that the lid is included.

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