#332: The Boys Are Back

May 2, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show discussing some of their weekend escapades before turning to the phones and talking to some caller about their problems including a caller with a bad heart and another caller trying to determine how much to spend on an engagement ring for his future wife. Drew and Adam offer the latter caller their advice on how to keep costs low while keeping your partner happy simultaneously. Superfan Sidebar >>

4 thoughts on “#332: The Boys Are Back

  1. J Martin

    That’s funny. Apparently the joke changes depending on which garbage people live in your area. When I was a kid, it was “why don’t you run over a black guy on a bike…”, I’m from Florida.

  2. J Martin

    Nobody ever says, “Why don’t you run over a Lithuanian on a bike?”, because it would never work. That is because the majority of Lithuanians in America, if there are any, aren’t criminals like the majority of blacks and Mexicans(FL has Cubans instead) that I tend to see. Not necessarily criminals, just trashy humans. When you go to the hood or little Cuba there is trash all over the place. This is not from white people sneaking into the hood at night and littering. If you go to the really nice, affluent Cuban and Black neighborhoods and look around, oh yeah there AREN’T ANY!!!

  3. J Martin

    It honestly offends me as a native Floridian that we get so much hate. Floridians are NOT the problem. The problem is that every convicted felon, domestic abuser, or general piece of trash from every other state runs to FL to get away from their problems. Only, they just move here with their problems and reinstate them here. Go back to the rock you crawled out from under and quit coming down here to be a piece of trash and constantly talk about how much better it is “back home”. If you’re a loser in every state you live in, it’s probably not the state.

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