#334: The Playbill

May 4, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show discussing Adam’s recent experience at his daughter’s school play and the surprising content of the playbill. The guys then ur to the phones and talk to a caller who is having trouble maintaining a productive relationship with his father and a little league umpire who is questioning a decision he made when officiating a game recently. As the show wraps up the guys answer a listener email. Superfan Sidebar >>

3 thoughts on “#334: The Playbill

  1. ellenbrook

    I wish Adam wouldn’t get angry at Gary for producing the show. The nerve he has for saying “I’m in the middle of a rant and you tell us to go to the phones!” – Guess what Adam, you’ve got hours upon hours of various podcasts per week where you can rant all you want.

    Imagine if a previous Loveline listener decided to head over to this podcast. Would they continue to listen? No chance, man. I love you buy you’ve gotta listen to the people around because they’re the ones who care about the show.

  2. Maggie Crowley

    Adam. I have listened to you since the mid nineties. You have changed. You are an abusive person and boss. What the hell are you doing yelling at Gary? It is no longer entertaining. Drew puts up with your crap but I no longer will. I will only listen to podcasts without you in them. Wtf man? You are starting to go off the deep end.

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