#398: Genetics and Adoption

August 22, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show discussing a recent interaction Adam had with Dawson while they were traveling around Europe. The Dawson conversation dovetails nicely into a conversation about a long past trip to Mastros Steakhouse and how it relates to Mike August’s psyche. The guys then turn to the phones and speak to some callers including one with a friend/employee struggling with opioid addiction and another who was adopted wondering if he should try to figure out the genetics of his birth parents. Superfan Sidebar >>

One thought on “#398: Genetics and Adoption

  1. zeroKFE

    I don’t know if it was covered extensively on major news networks at the time because I was just watching unedited streams on YouTube, but the Democratic National Convention did devote a significant chunk of their first day to talking about addiction (including specific attention to the opioid crisis), mental illness, and ways we could be handling them better. Here are some articles that a quick google search turned up summarizing what was said:





    While I’m not sure if the methods discussed (or the way they were discussed) would satisfy Adam or Drew, it is worth pointing out that the Democrats DID devote time to talking about it.

    It might also be interesting to compare the differences in how each party’s platform discuss addiction and treatment. Again, a quick google search turned up this:


    I doubt Adam or Drew will be terribly impressed with the language of either party, but it is notable that both parties have significantly updated and expanded their platform’s language and approach to addiction and treatment in positive and productive ways, and both now include specific mention of the opioid epidemic and addressing physician practices around the prescription of opioids.

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