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#1777 Bioethical Transgressions

October 6, 2023

Dr. Drew is joined again by Mark Geragos for some important conversations about the medical community today. From bioethical transgressions, to curtailing the excesses of the federal government, and some new technologies that are assisting in various ailments like cancer. Dr. Drew mentions how some magnets are being used to change the chemistry of the brain with astounding results.
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#1776 Free Speech, Medicine & Government Overreach

October 4, 2023

Dr. Drew & Mark Geragos are back for some more nuanced and deep conversations about free speech, medical semantics & government overreach. Mark Geragos talks about some of the work he is doing in local LA counties helping various people & businesses that were negatively affected from some of the mandates that were enacted in the years previous.
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#1775 Theology, Ideology & Community

October 2, 2023

Dr. Drew is joined by Mark Geragos this week, for some philosophical and theological ideas on life, philosophers, & and what assists in wellness and happiness. Dr. Drew connects various factors that lead to contentment starting with; a faith in something bigger than ourselves, no matter what that may be, along with community connection, which also leads to deeper life purpose as well as people practicing the golden rule. Mark ties this into how he tries to connect with juries in the courtroom.
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#1774 Believe All Women?

September 29, 2023

Adam and Dr. Drew bring up some Love Boat videos, and the comical imaginings of how a sleazy Dr. Bricker would do in today’s sensitive climate.  They discuss the wildness of the 1970’s and this new era of ‘believe all women’ and why that is showing itself to be problematic.

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