Extended Best Of, #166: Dr. Drew’s Trip to Chicago

December 31, 2014

*Now featuring patent troll rant that was edited out of original airing. Adam and Dr. Drew talk about Drew’s recent trip to Chicago. Later they take listener phone calls on vaccinations and how to move from labor to management in a career.

  • Randy

    This Extended version of #166 will not download.
    On selecting to do so it downloads the previous posted Repost of ep. #34 Pamela Adlon….

    • Sent twitter messages to the powers that be about it. Still the wrong episode at 1:33 PM EST 1/1/15

    • Fixed now!

  • Thanks for fixing this episode!

  • Chris

    Holy shit that was a good rant.

  • Damien

    As a patent attorney… I really enjoyed this rant 🙂